36 Degrees

Shoulders, toes, and knees.

See you.
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To all the loves that bring us to life
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I've never cried so much for a movie. Last time I did was for the Academy Award-Winning Japanese film "Okuribito/Departures." I want to go to Bangkok and find love---whatever it is.

"I can't be with you as your boyfriend but that doesn't mean I don't love you"

Andrea (andrea_model ), does the boy at 0:16 look familiar or remind you of someone? :)) Anyway, what was the last movie you watched that made you break into ugly crying?

Uhm hello new hair.
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So thanks to Emma Watson's (Harry Potter's Hermione) sudden decision to cut her hair, I was finally convinced to cut my hair as well---same as hers! At least now I know what length I'll let my hair grow so it'll be easier to cut it down to the short-pixie-like hair style that I want. Ella (queen_of_quirk ), this one's for you!

I think I pulled the hairstyle much better than her. Although she's thinner. I guess we're equal there (let's not touch on her movie star status HAHA!)

Sometimes, you just want to step back.
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Crisologo St., Historic Town of Vigan

Traditional Japanese Wedding

The Bund, Shanghai, China.

The photo looks like it was taken during it's glory days, right? Not really. This was a photo I took in the summer of 2008. Thanks to a good friend, I found this photo generator that makes your photos look like as if its 100-150 years old. It's an effect I've been trying to do with my photos but can't seem to perfect. My Photoshop skills have been weak lately. Screw architecture drafting programs. HAH!

My apologies for the lack of updates. As you know, I got the dengue virus 2 weeks ago. I had to go on leave from the office for a week because of it. I don't know how I got it but it really made me hate getting sick. I don't ever want to get THAT sick again. Imagine I had to consume about 14 dextrose bottles. I had to drink all sorts of stuff because my platelet went down as low as 22. The good thing was I recovered so fast that I didn't need blood transfusion (that process where someone donates blood to your system). Anyway, I'm back to normal now. But thanks to dengue, my life got delayed and now I'm piled with work. O, life.

July 9
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So I turned 22 two days ago. Honestly, I always look forward to planning what I want to do on my birthday. This year though it was kind of different---pretty laid back and without expectations. It was so randomly planned that at some point it was during the party that sinked in that I was indeed having a party. Also, it felt fulfilling that it served a purpose in reuniting with my high school class. It's been 6 years and I definitely miss their company. Unlike others who develop a closeness to their senior year class, we've been tight since junior year and even when we got separated in our senior year we still bonded.

Surprisingly though, I didn't have a wish nor did I make one (and I just realized that now). I just blew the candle passively. I don't want to give it meaning either, but to not have a birthday wish somehow marks a sign of maturity in me. I find that wishing is something closely related to expecting. It's better not making a wish at all rather than having to carry the burden of it not coming true. Sometimes, the best things in life are the surprising ones. :)

Why CHANGE matters.
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During the elections here in Davao City, there was this campaign slogan saying "CHANGE? WHAT FOR? WE HAVE THE BEST!" As you may know, political dynasty is at the forefront of any damn election in this country. This was the slogan of two candidates (plus their running mates) that I did not want to win. The slogan alone explains why I rest my case. I'm not really good at boiling down the details of politics, and it's a subject I despise talking about personally speaking, but for them to have been granted the power to reign over in this city again is just plain disgraceful, despicable and disgusting. I don't even want to go to the details of what they're saying as "the best" for them.

But that is just an introduction to what I really want to write about. I just got home from a trip to Shanghai and I must commend China's efforts once again for putting on a great show for the world. We first witnessed how they can be at par with the Americas and Europe when they hosted the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Now, they're hosting the World Exposition, a grand event that's been going on for more than 150 years now. Amidst the short stay, I was able to immerse myself with the city culture of Shanghai. Despite that most of the Chinese are rude, I really look up to how they take care of and give value to their city, livelihood and their environment. With the EXPO, the city did not only change but also the lives of the people who live in it as well. New infrastructures, new opportunities to work and lots of other things that I personally could just not help but ponder if the new administration in this country can be at par with such cities within its term. I think if this country embraced change and evolution a long long time ago with proper discipline in delivering and adjusting to it, we wouldn't even be complaining right now. I wouldn't even be writing this one too. And like I said a thousand times, change is the only thing that's constant. What's point in living when we're afraid to grow up?

Realizations aside, Shanghai was worth it and I certainly would love to come back even not for the expo. I think my one year of hard work for my undergraduate thesis project, and my last year in architecture school, got its well-deserved closure.

A view of the two tallest skyscrapers in Shanghai. The one undergoing construction will be the next addition to the skyline of the city and will become the tallest tower in the world upon its completion.

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In other news, Germany won over England! And I'm loving Germany Coach Joachim Loew and his fashion statement! We need more men like him in this society.

Some stuff I wanna get off my man-boobs (because I don't have a chest).
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I feel like something from my past is happening yet again in my life at present, but I try to be blah about it. By "blah", I mean "o shit am I gonna go through this again." Though lately there has been a lot of distractions, which I absolutely love, keeping me from pondering on that and I hope it stays that way.

So I was sorting out some old entries I wrote like a month or a year ago and I can't help but CRINGE just reading all that junk I wrote. I seriously want to erase it but there's this Tumblr post I read that says, "Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are and the things you never want to lose." And after much thought, I figured to just leave the entries as they are. It can be sometimes refreshing to go back and see your mistakes and pick up something from it to help you live and continue on. I once wrote that one can never truly move on, but I'm too lazy to browse a few entries back just to recall what I wrote about it. And that last sentence right tthere shows why I don't believe in moving on. Truth is, it's not really "moving on" but more of "forgetting." It's easy to forgive, but it's hard to forget. Memory is indeed truly powerful.

Anyway, waking up today felt different---for today marks the first day of formal classes. For some reason, I felt like my whole life just passed by right in front of me. It's as if time has moved on and left me, and all of a sudden I feel like my world's on pause while everyone else is on play. It was weird eating breakfast (no, it's much more weird that for the first time today I actually realized I'm back to having regular meals) and hearing the news about the accumulating heavy traffic due to first day of classes, then suddenly you hear your school getting mentioned and what. Before, we were rushing to school. Now, everyone's rushing to work. And me? I'm rushing in my own little bubble that is my head trying figure out what I want and what I plan on doing with my life in a couple of weeks/months. I have a plan. But plans change. I've been making plans for the last five years of my college life. They changed all through out and they were never perfect, but I always got away with it even if it's not according to the original plan anymore (it just makes me cringe not having to fulfill/accomplish/pursue any of it). Did I just show signs of having quarter life crisis? Or maybe it's starting to sink in that everyone's back doing something and I'm not and that I have to start looking for a job now? Shit. Reality.

On another note, I'm REALLY tempted to start a Tumblr account. There's just something fun about re-blogging random images and videos. Hm? Nah.

I wish speaking in another language could be this easy.
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Some people wish their lives were like the movies. I, for some reason, want mine to be like the comic books or graphic novels. And no, I don't want it adapted into a movie.

Angry song for a stressful day.
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I feel so stressed from being a driver and business manager for the last couple of days, not to mention working part-time online for a Manila-based art & design studio. This is NOT even a full time job. Architecture firms/future full-time employer(s), don't kill me yet. With that, obligatory angry song/stress reliever.

I have a stalker!
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These past few days, an unknown number has been gracing my cellphonemobile phone inbox (Just so you know, I don't have my phone with me all the time. There was one time I totally forgot I had one. O, make that two). I would say that this unknown sender has credits and enjoys the benefits of unlimited messaging. So she's been sending group message worthy texts these past few days, or so I thought. It wasn't until today's haunting from her that got me to my last nerve.

STALKER: mAy LoAd nA mE! TxT n TaU pLz? (in English, she says she has credits and asks me to engage in text messaging with her)
(few minutes later, STALKER miss-calls me)
ME: Who's this?
(STALKER sends me a picture message of her name "LORIE")
ME: Sorry, I don't know you. Goodbye.
STALKER: h! 2LoG n B U? (in English, she's asking me if I was asleep already---I wasn't replying to)
ME: Hello. Please STOP texting me. For the second and last time, I don't know you and I will never reply to your messages. You're just wasting your load and your time. Goodbye."
STALKER: I dOn'T knOw. YoUr aTTiTuDe is AgLY (In English, she says my attitude is "UGLY")

I'm assuming she's a deranged lost little girl clueless of the atrocities of owning a cellularmobile phone. Ugh. Why can't cellmobile phones run with the aid of wireless internet (with Skype or Yahoo! as our "line") instead of SIM Cards? Isn't it the 21st century now and we can log in the world wide web with our phones? Anyway, I think I handled the situation pretty well. She has stopped sending me messages--which relieves me because I'm not used to my cellphone being so noisy or "active."

The cellphonemobile phone is the worst thing invented... like, ever.